Red Med - Vancouver Medical Marijuana Clinic

Our Services

Our mission is to supply qualified patients with legal, safe and cheap access to medical marijuana. Our employees are courteous, professional and helpful.

We have a wide breadth of data on the varied therapeutic effects of marijuana and thanks to consume medical marijuana as an example, we tend to area unit the primary clinic in Vancouver to supply to qualified patients to alleviate chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

Our Story

REDMED is committed to providing safe access to medical Cannabis and products for our QUALIFIED patient members. REDMED prides itself on having friendly knowledgeable staff at our clinic and treat our qualified patient members as individuals, courteously, with integrity and respect.

Here at REDMED, we continually strive to exceed our patient and members expectations. We are dedicated to keeping our patients privacy maintained, while providing safe, comfortable, and affordable access to a wide variety of the highest quality medical Cannabis products for their individual needs, We offer superior strains at the lowest prices.

REDMED is a grassroots, community-based facility that also offers support and alternative health resources to patients facing health and pain challenges to achieve and maintain mental, physical, and emotional wellness. We have worked hard to establish positive relationships with our community surrounding neighbours, and other charitable organizations.